Our pool was forever green and unclean so it never got used. I found the number for High Tide when I saw it on one of the cars that was parked on my street one day. They were there within half an hour for a consultation and service as they were working nearby and in less than a month the pool never looked better. Definitely would recommend them to anyone.
Belinda from Randwick

We had the pool covered when the kids left home but thought it might be nice idea to start maintaining it for the grandkids on their way!! I found High Tides number online and they came round the next day. They told me it would take a bit of time and chemicals to get it to where I wanted which they did and now they only need to come round once every fortnight to clean it, put chemicals in etc The pool looks fantastic and I cannot wait for the grandkids to come and use it in Summer.
Vanessa from Kensington